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We now have an app for any and everything we desire tailored to our mood, personality and physical appearance. If we want a makeover, get Glam Squad over to your apt with a few screen taps. If you want to groceries delivered to your door because it’s raining and you have too much else on your plate, download instacart. If you want foundation that is a perfect match to your skin tone, go to sephora and get the perfect skin test and get foundation to match Business and commerce is becoming increasingly personalized and customizable. We can get shampoo that fits our hair type, so why wouldn’t we be able to find jewelry that is totally and completely right for us?? Fit, design, material, quality – these are all perfectly adjustable. Here are a few ETHICAL brands that are customizable and personalizable, making your investment completely right for you (and the world)

Vrai and Oro


Vrai and Oro is an L.A. based company established with the mission of making fine jewelry more attainable and more personable – and shoppable online. They sell high quality material online at a fraction of the price you would traditionally find at a store.  Their #truthandgold hashtag epitomizes the brand’s ethos which is transparency & ethical manufacturing of gold jewelry at a fair price.

You can get jewelry that is fitting for you with their letter pendant necklace, or make it personalized it with their bar necklace.

Monica Vinader

Established 10 years ago in England, Monica Vinader is loved by sustainable fashion celebrity pioneers like Emma Watson and Olivia Palmero. The brand is known for its drawstring friendship bracelet and personalized engravings

Mcfarland Design

Mcfarland Design also specializes in ethical custom jewelry. You can choose between fair trade metals and ethically sourced stones to create your perfect ring or necklace. You can browse through the designers flickr page to get inspired.

Mint And Birch

Mint and Birch is a delightful jewelry brand that specializes in custom bar necklaces that give a peek into your personal journey. Everything created is from ethically sourced gold, and is affordable. The designer is on a mission: “Today, my purpose for Mint & Birch is to celebrate stories – whether or not they are ones of sorrow, joy, heartbreak, sadness, triumph, grief.” Here is an example

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