Do Lab Grown Diamonds Carry the same meaning?

Lab grown diamonds are an emerging trend that are captivating buyers and sellers alike. Diamonds, reliably ethical, grown in a lab, made to order, made according to exact designs and desired details. Sounds like a dream – right?

But if it is grown in  a lab, does the diamond carry the same meaning as one dug up from the earth? Part of the specialness of diamonds is their rarity, so if any old company can make diamonds in a lab doesn’t the entire premise slightly lose its footing.

The question really is: are lab grown diamonds the same as diamonds dug from the earth?

Let’s start with how lab diamonds are created. Lab-grown diamonds are made by “breaking down a hydrocarbon gas mixture in a high-pressure, high-temperature chamber” which is the same way that the pressure from being underground forms diamonds over time. The process is called nucleation. Diamonds in a lab take a few weeks to grow and are “physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds” and are visually completely indistinguishable.



There are a few jewelers paving the way for synthetic diamonds and here they are


Pure Grown


Pure Grown has coined the term “above earth diamonds”. A gemologist cannot tell the

difference between a Pure Grown Diamond and a mined diamond because there is no difference.

Pure Grown Diamonds are often able to achieve a higher quality than their mined counterparts due to the environment in which they are grown. Each Pure Grown Diamond is then carefully faceted and crafted into a beautiful, fiery and brilliant diamond. While our unique growth process qualifies Pure Grown Diamonds as the purest diamonds in the world, they’re even environmentally friendly and conflict free.

Diamond Foundry


At Diamond Foundry, we are changing the industry by operating a transparent and sustainable business. We apply modern-day craftsmanship to create diamonds above the ground in America and empower jewelry brands that inspire modern women.

1215 Diamonds


This line lets you choose between custom and engagement rings and even has an online platform that lets you choose and adjust everything in order to get the perfect ring you want. 

Some jewelers and some buyers believe that the only true diamond is one mind from the earth. We beg to differ. Diamonds created in a lab are compositionally exactly the same as a regular diamond and are always ethical, customizable, and better for the earth.  Search hashtag #labgrown to see if you can tell the difference. 31364585_585199741858331_4057320235751964672_n

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