Labradorite, Herkimer & Opal – Oh My!

Ethical and sustainable jewelry line Melissa Joy Manning is leading the way in alternative stone sourcing and finding the beauty in nature’s abundance.

If you  grew up in a western culture that values material possessions, you might view diamonds as the ultimate form of luxury (maybe even your best friend if you’re lucky enough).

Diamond sourcing, however, has proven to not be cut and dry industries, and are often wrought with moral gray areas and corrupt funding patterns.

Melissa Joy Manning‘s jewelry line is a breath of fresh air in contrast to this ever-fragmented industry. She uses responsibly sourced “recycled silver and gold sourced from a Green Certified refinery with the highest environmental standards.” More than that, however, the brand focuses on instilling meaning and beauty into stones and materials that are generally more abundant in nature. The stones in her collection are uncommon and less-well known (but no less beautiful).

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Herkimer Quartz are diamond like crystals

Opals are radiant and multi-colored. 




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