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I grew up going to the beach in Rehoboth and East Hampton and I always loved swimming in the ocean (I am an Aquarius and proud) but I never felt a strong need to protect it or that it was vulnerable. To me it felt like quite the opposite. It felt so vast and powerful, if anything I always felt so helpless and small compared to its vastness.

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Now our oceans are being bombarded and destroyed by human aggression and carelessness and that feeling in me has totally shifted. We need, we have to protect our oceans and wildlife from further damage. Brands are starting to join in a collective effort to try to reverse the damage being caused. My step sister Diana would talk passionately about her trips to the coral reefs where she would snorkel and learn about the effects of global warming and pollution on our planet. She inspired me to open my mind to taking a deeper look at whats beneath the surface (no pun intended).

That why I am so excited to be writing about and promoting the brand From Isla which promotes ocean conservation and protecting our aquatic treasures. Even the jewelry website is packed with information and resources for customers to use to brush-up on ocean conservation issues – and I did just that! I highly recommend browsing through the mission blue 2017 impact report.

Here are some quick facts about ocean pollution taken from Mission Blue.

  1. Plastic is the most common element that is found in the ocean.
  2. Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year
  3. There is an island of garbage twice the size of Texas inside the Pacific Ocean

Pollution from plastic, fishing nets, and waste chemicals are not only directly killing the marine life but also threaten the delicate ecosystem that keeps our Earth in balance. That is why From Isla Jewelry supports ocean conservation and donates 10% of proceeds towards the fight to protect our seas.


“By wearing From Isla jewels, you’re showing that you care about our ocean- each piece donates 10% to ocean conservation. We hope you will join in the fight to protect our seas.”

The designer of the brand, Alexa Seibert, is a fashion industry veteran and set out to create a jewelry line that stood for something. Marrying her passions with her experience and great taste, From Isla was born.

“Handcrafted in Los Angeles,  From Isla, offers one of a kind 14k gold filled jewelry made of delicate stones, and healing crystals. Drawing inspiration from walking barefoot in the sand with salty skin and wind blown hair, the lifeblood of this line is a connection to the sea…Pronounced eye-lah, it comes from the Scottish word for island.”




The collection of jewelry is subtle but feminine and definitely evokes a soft bohemian essence. My favorite piece is the simple Wales tale necklace and gold choker. The best part about the pieces is that they can be worn together to create unique and beautiful layered looks – this is true for both the necklaces and ring collections.

Her instagram says it all which you can shop from directly. The Goodbern had the unique opportunity to ask the designer some questions – some related to jewelry some not at all:

Favorite City?

I used to live in NYC, so I would have to say that is my favorite city!

First piece of jewelry? 

The first piece of – decent – jewelry I ever made, not including the tons of friendship bracelets I made in middle school ;), was actually a gift for a friend in college. It was a rose quartz point on a silver chain.

Favorite Jewelry Trend?

I am very into raw stones in jewelry lately. I think there is something romantic about a rough stone in a simple setting. The rough and the refined make a perfect duo.

Favorite piece of jewelry you own? 

My Mummers, aka my grandma, passed away sometime ago and some jewelry was made out of her wedding ring for the grand kids. I was given a single diamond strung on a delicate silver chain. That would have to be my favorite.

Favorite kind of stone? 

Moonstones! I loveee moonstone. They hold an amazing feminine energy and promote emotional balance. I have been carrying around a large chunk of peach moonstone lately. Peach moonstone is known as the “feminine soothing stone”, it has so many amazing properties – I highly recommend carrying around a piece of your own :).

Favorite kind genre?

My favorite movie genre depends on my mood that day. I love a good scary movie when its gloomy outside, I also love a good classic comedy, but I am a huge documentary buff as well!

Ideal vacation destination? 

Hawaii! Or any tropical island really. I am a total beach bum!

How did you get into the jewelry industry and what made you want to design jewelry?

I actually graduated from the Fashion Institute of Tech. in NYC with a degree in fashion design with a specialization in special occasion…a mouth full I know. I found myself designing as a “decorator” rather than an “architect” as my fashion illustration professor once said. Basically I loved small details and beading, anything that involved intricate hand work peaked my interest. So designing jewelry progressed sort of naturally. When I moved from NYC to LA I developed a beachy vibe and wanted to design jewelry for the island girl, while also giving back to ocean conservation. I wanted to make beautiful jewelry with a purpose, so From Isla was born!

What would you say is your design and style inspiration? 

I am inspired by nature for sure, I always have been. My style is definitely beachy bohemian. I am inspired by the free spirited girl who isn’t afraid to go barefoot and who maybe has sand in her hair but its ok because her jewelry is on point 😉

How do you source your materials?

I get most of the stones from gem shows, ethically sourced of course!

Thank you Alexa Seibert for sharing your brand and story with Goodbern!Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.45.11 PM.png

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