I am super excited for NOVEMBER 7th because I was invited to be apart of my very first pop-up event where GoodBern is going to be repping some very cool jewelry designers that have ethical business models or use sustainable materials.

PAUSE pop up was started by two gals who met on a plane with similar passions and now it is an event that has been running for multiple years. The result is a curated and vibrant space with designers who are paving the future of the fashion industry with sustainable and ethical designs.

In the process the PAUSE team “started learning more and more about fair trade, artisans work and eco-friendly products and processes, and we became more and more into sustainability.” And now it is a reoccurring cultural moment.


The event includes many different types of showings such as dances, videography, clothing and jewelry.

Come one come all and look out for GoodBern!!

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