Travel Spotlight: Misool Eco Resort in Indonesia

I’ve decided that once a week, on Mondays, I am going to publish a sustainable and ethical travel spotlight. When better than the start off the work week to take an escapist virtual vacation or start planning the next actual one? Part of the excitement of travel is in the picturing and imagining. If you’re surprised by what you find when you actually arrive on the ground, even better.

My sister, my mom, and I love not just traveling but also reading about fascinating new places to visit. We’ve hit sustainable corners of India, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Pawleys Island South Carolina, and vacation spots nearer to home (like the corner day spa in Brooklyn), but we have a lifetime’s worth of places we’re longing to go. As I research and gather word-of-mouth insights on destinations, I’m hoping to become a source others can refer to as they consider traveling sustainably.

There are so many establishments now that are careful to protect the natural settings and humans they impact– not just their own grounds and staffs, but the waterways, land, air, and populations in the towns, cities, and countryside around them. All of the resorts and hotels I recommend have been carefully researched and studied for their impact and investment in sustainability — from their straws to their drainage systems. I hope that everyone finds places on this list where they can picture themselves unwinding far from that Monday morning inbox.

My first rec is Misool Eco Resort in Indonesia. While I have never been to Indonesia, I have always wanted to travel there, and when I do I definitely hope to stay at this place.


The resort is located in Southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. To get there they recommend flying into Jakarta and then taking their custom-built    speedboat, the Garuda Indonesia GA682, to Sorong. The journey is about 4 hours, but the staff makes the journey very enjoyable. Indonesia has more than seventeen thousand islands. This resort is specifically located in the Ceram Sea.

Founded by Marit and Andrew Miners, not only is Misool a luxurious resort, but it is also a notable conservation site. The Misool resort established the Misool foundation and together they work to protect the beautiful natural reefs that surround the hotel, as well as communities that help keep the entire system operating. The resort is located on the most biodiverse reef in the world and they aim to safeguard it for future generations to come. This also makes it a great place to snorkel and dive.

The rooms and hotel cottages that sit picturesquely on stilts on the lagoon are made of reclaimed and sustainably carpentered wood. You step out of your bungalow and immediately come face to face with beautiful and abundant marine life.

“All of our rooms feature Balinese-style open-air bathrooms, air-conditioning, fresh hot and cold showers, mini-bars stocked with treats from around the archipelago, and handcrafted furniture and fittings.”      

The dining experience is even sustainable and innovative. Everything is locally and sustainably sourced making the food not only fresh and delicious but also environmentally friendly.

Aside from being at the cutting edge of sustainability, the resort also has beauty and spa offerings, dive and snorkel adventures, as well as guides for touring the traditional Papuan market and

nearby offerings.

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