The one place I have been to most in my life traveling outside of the United States is Costa Rica. I went with my friends family when I was younger, and then I traveled there also with dads second wife and her family when they got married a few years back. Nosara really opened up my eyes to a new type of travel experience and I am really grateful for the experience. I really think of it as the time where I got to know my step family and was also going through a very transitional time in my own life.

The first time I went to Nosara I had taken time off of college and was so fixated on trying to find the right major and right career path I feel like I didn’t take the time to really appreciate it, but I was lucky enough to get to go back! The second time was great – it was the time I really first learned how to surf (well at least get up on the board and not fall off immediately), and understood for the first time the amazing benefits of slowing down. It was the first place that really got me in touch with sustainability and I am so grateful for Clara and her fam for showing it to me.


We support local projects that promote the sustainable development of the community
We hire and train 60% of our staff from the surrounding area
We include native plants that provide food and shelter for the local animal population in our garden design
We treat the wastewater without using chemicals and re-use the water for irrigating the hotel’s lush tropical gardens
We use environmentally friendly and organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers
We use all-natural, biodegradable bath products by Red Flower in reusable glass dispensers
We recycle 85% of the hotel’s waste
We compost raw food waste from our restaurant and Juice Bar to make organic fertilizer for our gardens
We use bamboo straws
We calculate and compensate for the hotel’s carbon emissions with our “Plant a Tree” project where guests and staff plant trees in the local community
We use solar panels to provide a renewable energy source that heats hot water for all of the guest rooms


After staying at The Harmony in Nosara I felt like I was in on a big secret that I immediately wanted to tell everyone about. It was my first experience staying at an Eco-Resort and after my first night I was hooked on the feeling. It’s like traveling without that overly sterilized and kind of hallow.

There are many reasons why you should choose to stay at the harmony, but I will give you my rundown.

  1. The Outdoor showers



2. The Yoga Classes




4. Surf Lessons


5. Sunsets


6. The Juice Bar


8. Bazzar



You feel really like you’ve escaped into paradise when you come to this place. Everything feels good (especially after the 3 hour car ride that takes you from the airport to the hotel). The air is perfectly warm, the hotel rooms are airy and unfussy with large sustainable wood porches with an outdoor shower and hammocks. You really feel as if you can just escape and let all of the worries and issues you carry along with you during normal every day life to just wash away.

Costa Rica has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and is a place where truly everyone is happy. Pura Vida is the mantra – the good life or pure life – and The Harmony really helps everyone understand that.

Costa Rica hosts more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity even though its landmass only takes up .03% of the planet’s surface. It’s small but mighty. You really feel as if you are living your best life when you’re there.

After a stay at The Harmony I can promise you that you will be inspired to live your life as your best self.






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