February Events

February has always felt special to me because it is my birthday month and it is right in-between when its freezing and getting a little warmer. Also valentines day. I used to make valentines cards for everyone in my class (was I a weirdo?).

I used to hate having my birthday in February because no one would ever be able to make it to my parties since it was always snowing, but now I love it because now I have an excuse to have low key celebrations. I’ll never forget when it was blizzarding outside and my dad went all the way to ben and Jerry’s to get my favorite ice cream cake. I was very grateful. Poor man.

I made a list of events happening this month in the sustainable fashion world that I would like to try to make it to. Hopefully I’ll be able to bump into some cool people and have some cool experiences.

I am going to start posting this on the first of every month so that I can start meeting everyone in person! 🙂


Study Hall x United Nations – Feb 01 

New York Fashion Week – Sustainable Edition – FEB 9th 

Adalinda Sustainable Fashion – FEB 13 







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