Valentines For The Lover

My birthday is very close to Valentine’s Day so every year I end up celebrating with a 2 in 1 type of party or dinner with my girlfriends or boyfriend – depending on my current situation at the time. This year I am super excited to celebrate this hybrid day with Igor, my boyfriend of 2ish years.

I kind of know what I like when it comes to jewelry, and I don’t like wearing anything that is very cutesy or frilly or too romantic. That being said, I do love subtle and small heart details and emblems.

That is why I am super happy to promote and recommend the ethical jewelry brand Charmed By A Cause. Their Valentine’s Day XOLove pendant and ring in particular are just the right size: dainty without being super girly.0-1.jpeg




Love At First Sight 

I stumbled upon the brand Charmed By A Cause when I was invited to showcase Goodbern and a few sustainable jewelry lines for a PAUSE fashion pop up at Querencia Studio last November. Their designs are simple and classic but with a perfect dose of originality. Regan Caton and Betsy Milliken, the cofounders, are industry veterans who first-hand witnessed the pollution and other negative effects caused by the jewelry industry. In an effort to be part of a the solution and to be leaders in improving industry standards, they co-founded Charmed By A Cause.



Shared Values 

Charmed By A Cause not only has top of the line designs for different tastes and aesthetics, but also are a strong voice for the sustainability movement in the jewelry industry. The jewelry is made out of 100% recycled gold and silver along with ethically sourced or lab grown diamonds and semi-precious stones. The designers are dedicated to ethical and conscientious manufacturing processes.

Community Giving 

20% of proceeds of your purchase automatically gets donated to a charity of your choice. Thats right: you get to choose–pretty cool, right? Check out the current charities that they are supporting such as The Covenant House, Suicide Prevention, and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. You get to choose the cause that resonates with you so that you feel your money is being well spent.

Where To Shop

You can shop Charmed By A Cause on their website. Make sure to check out the Valentine’s Day collection for the upcoming holiday!

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