Where: Tulum, Mexico

I am a little late this week to getting around to my eco-travel spotlight. With valentines day and my bday, there was a lot happenin’. I am really excited about my rec this week!

The first time I went to Tulum was with my old friend. We stayed in a small resort by Chichen Itza to see the ruins and ate and drank the best foods while we were there.

I forget what it was called but I definitely want to go back at some point and revisit the ruins and the area generally.

What: Sanará, Tulum

Sanará  is a small eco resort that is located on the Yucatan peninsula between the  popular white sand beaches and the vibrant town of Tulum. The eco hotel has extensive sustainability practices and has rooms with beautiful interior spaces with private decks and balconies.


Why: Rooms, Restaurant and Relaxation 

Ill let this picture speak for itself.



The restaurant The Real Coconutis a plant based restaurant located in the hotel. All meals are gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free. From avocado, jalapeño and radish salsa, to phytoplankton aguachile (no I don’t know what that is, but it sounds delicious), and tacos and roasted chicken, you will have options keeping you excited for however long your stay is.


The spa is extensive. “Treatments include: nutritional and lifestyle consultation, traditional Mayan healing, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, BioMagnetic Therapy and BioDecoding, Body Harmonization, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, therapeutic Mayan & Ayurvedic massage, clay and mud detox therapy, and reflexology.” Read more about the spa on their website.

Also check out some of the other adventure activities that they offer.


Sustainability Effort: 

Sanará has a multi-pronged sustainability approach. Building, energy, ecology, and social responsibility are all taken into consideration. To take a closer look at their considerable efforts please take a look at their sustainability page.




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