Plastic Bag Banned NYC

After a long journey with protests and a plastic bag task force grappling with the issue, governor Cuomo has officially banned plastic bags in New York!

“It is estimated that New York uses 23 billion plastic bags every year with 50 percent of those plastic bags ending up in landfills and around the city and waterways.” – Forbes 

We are all familiar with the struggle after grocery shopping or hitting the pharmacy. After unpacking you are always left with an unseemly number of small plastic bags that you don’t know what to do with. You can ball them up and put them under your sink for future use, but your stash grows at a rate much greater than your need. Many of us have already substituted the plastic bag for reusable totes and grocery bags, and by 2020 everyone will have to.

This is a great forward step in making NYC more environmentally conscious.

“The plastic bag ban will not only reduce plastic bags in New York landfills and waterways, but it will also eliminate an estimated 12 million barrels of oil used to make plastic bags used by New York each year.”

Here are some details:

When will it take effect: 

March 2020

What is included in the ban? 

“New York’s ban will apply to all single-use plastic bags provided by stores to carry out goods.

It applies to any store that is required to collect sales tax, including groceries, retailers and small businesses.

It does not apply to reusable bags with handles that are made of cloth or another durable material.”


Curb plastic pollution.

Here are the only items that its ok to use a plastic bag for

  1. uncooked meat, fish or poultry
  2. bulk items
  3. prepared foods
  4. A newspaper
  5. prescription drugs

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