Turning Helplessness Into Action

We all suffer to some extent from the existential dread and threat of environmental change and rising CO2 levels – if you haven’t thought about it at all then you might be in complete denial or totally oblivious to current events and the news ( though I wouldn’t blame you considering how negative it all has been since trump took office).

Fear and dread, however, are directly related to paralysis and inaction. We all know that feeling of powerlessness. Especially facing such colossal issues, it is easy to convince ourselves that the actions we take can’t make a real impact. But now it is crunch time and we don’t have a second to spare for existential dread. You don’t have to feel significant and powerful to do the right thing. Thats what being an adult is – when no one is watching being honest, doing your best and showing up.

Here are some links to things you can participate in/ learn more/ shop if you are feeling the dread:

  1.  What She Makes Pledge
  2. Fashion Revolution 
  3. Clean Clothes 
  4. Study Hall 
  5. We Are Bonvie 

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